Retained Executive Search or Contingency Search?

Retained Executive Search or Contingency Search?We have had a few client enquiries recently who are unsure on the detail of the difference between Retained Executive Search and Contingency Search and which recruitment approach is best for their needs. Well, we’ve put together a brief summary below on the key features of what to expect from these 2 different recruitment approaches.

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The True Cost of a Bad Hire

Making a bad hire can leave your company dealing with multiple problems. You’ll end up needing to find a new candidate again, but that’s not the only problem. Making a bad hire can also drain your company’s resources. You can’t afford to hire the wrong person, which is why using executive search can be helpful. Here’s a closer look at some of the costs of making the wrong hire.The Cost of a Bad Hire

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5 Reasons You Should Invest in Executive Search

Executive Search Investment

When you begin your search for the perfect candidates, you want to make sure that you provide candidates with a positive experience. You’re searching for top talent, and if you don’t offer a good experience to your candidates, it can make it more difficult to find the excellent talent you want. Executive search is an investment, but it offers many benefits. Here’s a look at a few of the reasons it’s worth the money to invest in executive search when you want top talent.

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How to Improve the Candidate Experience Throughout the Recruitment Process

An excellent recruitment experience can be one of the best pieces of marketing for an organisation. However, if your organization leaves a job candidate with dissatisfaction and a negative experience, it could create a bad name for your company, since many candidates share their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with others. When candidates enjoy a good experience, they are likely to share it, so it is essential that your company work to improve the candidate experience throughout the entire recruitment process.  Read More →

How to Position Your Company as THE Top Talent Destination

Even in a tough economy when the job market is in a bit of a slump, attracting top talent/employees is still a concern for any business. After all, talent acquisition is a competitive business. Since employee turnover can quickly get expensive, you want to begin building your position as a company that is attractive to potential employees. To bring the top talent to your company, you need to establish yourself as THE top employer destination. Here are several suggestions that will make your company stand out above your competitors, enabling you to bring in talented, creative, hardworking employees.  Read More →