How to Improve the Candidate Experience Throughout the Recruitment Process

An excellent recruitment experience can be one of the best pieces of marketing for an organisation. However, if your organization leaves a job candidate with dissatisfaction and a negative experience, it could create a bad name for your company, since many candidates share their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with others. When candidates enjoy a good experience, they are likely to share it, so it is essential that your company work to improve the candidate experience throughout the entire recruitment process. 

Top TalentDesign the Recruitment Process from an Applicant’s Point of View

One of the best ways to improve the candidate experience throughout the recruitment process is to step back and design the recruitment process from the point of view of an applicant. It is in your company’s best interest to keep the candidate’s experience in the forefront as you work on your recruiting process. Keeping your applicant’s point of view in mind ensures greater success for your organization, so refine every part of your process with this point of view in mind.

Focus on Communication

One of the main complaints candidates have is a lack of communication from organizations after they apply. In fact, many applicants never even receive a form reply after they apply. Communicating promptly is essential and part of that communication should include outlining the entire recruitment process so the applicant knows what happens next. If your company sets deadlines, meet them and continue to keep the lines of communication open with candidates.

Seek Input from Current Employees

You may want to consider seeking some input from your current employees as you work on improvement your recruitment process for candidates. Input from employees helps your company find candidates that will best fit into your company’s culture, and in many cases, employees may be able to provide further insight that helps you design a better recruiting process that keeps a candidate engaged throughout.

Ensure Company Branding is Present When Communicating

Communication is essential, but you must remember that company branding is important and should be added to the communication process. Every form of communication should be branded, helping to welcome candidates and improving the perception of your brand. You can also include helpful information on events, employee success stories, blogs and more in your communications, highlighting the culture your organization offers and showing that you truly care about candidates going through the process.

Use a Flexible, Personalised Recruitment Process

There’s no room for inflexibility in your recruitment process. A one-size-fits-all approach will never work because each candidate is an individual. Avoid rigid rules and focus on a flexible process that will bring in the best talent to your company. An inflexible process may weed out some of the best applicants, eliminating a potential star for your company.

Ask for Feedback from Candidates

Every company should continually focus to improve the candidate experience, so be sure to ask for feedback from candidates that go through your recruitment process. Not only should you seek feedback from candidates that you hire, but you want feedback from individuals that you do not hire. Once you have the feedback, listen to it and use it to refine your recruiting process, learning lessons from mistakes made to make your process work even better for future candidates.

While the recruitment process helps you to find great talent for your company, ensuring that each candidate has a positive experience is vital. A positive experience will set the tone for the performance of candidates you do hire. An excellent experience will even have a positive impact on candidates that you do not hire. After a positive experience, candidates will be more likely to apply for another position and more likely to recommend your company to other individuals, which ensures that quality talent continues to come your way.