Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping

Aruba Executive Search offer Talent Mapping & Talent Engagement services for clients seeking to identify, map and track relevant talent in the market applicable to their own recruitment needs.

Skills shortages for both small businesses and large corporations can be significant barriers to business growth and achieving business objectives. One key way of understanding how to recruit is understanding what your talent pool looks like in the skill and geography area of where you are trying to recruit. Engaging Talent Mapping as a strategic element of your Recruiting & Sourcing approach is a key activity.

We use Talent Mapping as a proactive solution to know where your potential pool of candidates are, which helps define a strategy of how you engage and attract them.

Candidates in the main part are not knocking on your door as they have many career options in terms of companies offering opportunities, so the traditional routes are not bearing fruit for you. This is where you need to up your game and gain competitive intelligence to your recruitment attraction strategy by engaging Talent Mapping across your industry sector.

A Talent Map alone is not your solution to recruitment success but it is also important that you develop a strong EVP (Employee Value Proposition) in order to ensure that you have a credibility and strength as an employer of choice.

We provide 2 services to assist clients:

1. Talent Mapping (Market Mapping)

We research the market by talent mapping candidates within pre-defined target skills, companies and sectors. This insightful information allows organisation to see competitor organisations who have similar skills

2. Talent Engagement (Market Engagement)

We make initial contact with candidates to identify their status and interest in targeted client opportunities whilst also gaining feedback on the client proposition and reputation in the market.

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