The True Cost of a Bad Hire

Making a bad hire can leave your company dealing with multiple problems. You’ll end up needing to find a new candidate again, but that’s not the only problem. Making a bad hire can also drain your company’s resources. You can’t afford to hire the wrong person, which is why using executive search can be helpful. Here’s a closer look at some of the costs of making the wrong hire.The Cost of a Bad Hire

Bad Hires Cost Productivity

If you make a bad hire, you’re going to drain your company’s productivity because you’ll be spending an excessive amount of time dealing with that new hire. You may spend time training and retraining the hire, which will make your business suffer. Not only can bad hires cost you in productivity, they can cost you sales, further draining company resources.

Bad Hires Cost You Financially

When you hire the wrong person, you’re paying them to underperform, and you may also be paying for training and retraining, which is costly as well. If you need to let your new hire go, then you will need to pay to search for another employee, the cost of hiring a new person, and you could even end up paying severance pay. It can be so financially costly to make the wrong hiring decision that it’s worth the investment to hire executive search professionals to prevent making bad hires.

Bad Hires Cost Employee Morale

Hiring the wrong executive employee for your company will also cost you employee morale. As you’re working to deal with the negative consequences of making the wrong hire, you may end up with a disengaged or dissatisfied team. When you have to spend so much time on one member of the team or you have a person who is bringing everyone down, it’s hard to keep employees upbeat. It’s very common for bad hires to get along badly with other team members, which can result in further hits to your employee morale.

Bad Hires Cost Your Reputation

Making the wrong hire could also hurt your reputation, which could make it more difficult to pull in top talent in the future. A bad hire could create a bad experience for other employees, and if your employees are unhappy, it could end up hurting the reputation of your company. You can’t afford to have a poor reputation with prospective hires, which is just one more reason to make sure you make the right hires.

A bad hire can be costly, costing you in productivity, company finances, employee morale, and company reputation. Instead of losing time and money, it’s better to make sure that you’re recruiting the right employees in the first place. Since it’s often difficult to find the right executive candidates, working with an executive search firm can help you increase your chances of hiring the right person for the job.

Make sure you invest wisely in the right recruitment approach. Executive Search should be viewed as an investment and not a cost to your business.