How to Position Your Company as THE Top Talent Destination

Even in a tough economy when the job market is in a bit of a slump, attracting top talent/employees is still a concern for any business. After all, talent acquisition is a competitive business. Since employee turnover can quickly get expensive, you want to begin building your position as a company that is attractive to potential employees. To bring the top talent to your company, you need to establish yourself as THE top employer destination. Here are several suggestions that will make your company stand out above your competitors, enabling you to bring in talented, creative, hardworking employees. 

Top TalentPay Competitive Salaries

Although money is not the only consideration when working to position your company as the top talent destination, it is essential that you pay competitive salaries to employees. Failing to pay competitive salaries is one of the quickest ways to make potential employees choose your competition instead of your company. Take time to research where you are positioned in the market for positions you have to offer. While you do not have to pay higher salaries than all your competition, especially if you have other benefits to offer, it is essential to ensure salaries are competitive to make your company attractive. Ultimately, it is the ‘full package’ of what you have to offer, such as hours, location, role, company ambition and future…..all selling points.

Provide Excellent Employee Benefit Programs

Providing excellent employee benefit programs can also help make your company stand out to potential top talent. While competitive salaries are important, offering great benefits is often one of the main selling points for prospective employees. At a minimum, your company should be offering employees medical, dental and life coverage. A good benefits program adds to the entire package you can offer employees, so when you build a reputation for offering top benefits, you’ll quickly become a top talent destination.

Add Creative Perks for Employees

When you are working to attract top talent, adding creative perks for employees to your hiring package can tip the scales in your favour. Many of the best companies today are offering great perks, such as on-site gyms/gym memberships, childcare facilities or help towards childcare, healthcare and wellbeing facilities and more. Although potential employees will be looking at the salaries and benefits first, the perks you offer can quickly send you to the top of their list. Additionally, you may want to consider offering a flexible benefits package where employees can adapt benefits on offer to their lifestyle. Perhaps they’d like to buy more holiday time off-set against their salary, if they wish for more family time.

Created Employee Incentive Programs

Creating employee incentive programs are wonderful for employee retention, since they reward great employee performance. However, they are also an effective recruiting tool. Incentive programs provide potential employees with something they can look forward to if they decide to work for your company. Talented employees like to be challenged and rewarded for their hard work. By offering incentive programs, the word will quickly travel that your company offers great incentives, making your company a top choice for smart, talented individuals.

Offer Flexibility

Many workers today are tired of working in high pressure settings that leave them little time for a life outside of work. To become the top talent destination, your company needs to show that you understand that employees need a good balance between their work and personal life. Offering flexibility to prospective employees shows that you care about your employees and you’re willing to work with them to make sure they have a well-balanced life. Providing employees with flexibility may include offering shorter workdays, flexible hours around core times, the ability to telecommute or even shortened workdays on Friday.

For your company to beat your competition, you need to attract the best talent. With these suggestions on how you can achieve this, you’ll quickly position your company as THE top employer destination, bringing in talented individuals that make your company more profitable and making your employee retention key to your onward growth and success.