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Having worked with many Candidates, we know what a Good LinkedIn Profile looks like

Around 97% of Executive Recruiters will use LinkedIn as part of their arsenal of candidate sourcing and recruitment tools. There are now in excess of 500 million users on LinkedIn and more employers & recruiters are using the tool to explore and find candidates.

How do you make sure you are found?

Are you ranking highly enough for your skills & experience?

Are you frustrated with the lack of interest in your profile?

Are you not being found for the types of roles that you seek?

Stand Out From The Crowd and have an Optimised LinkedIn Profile

  • Receive top tips, advice and guidance from expert headhunters
  • Create & Promote your professional personal brand
  • Access the hidden job market where headhunters and companies operate
  • Find & Contact Employers relevant to your skillset to network with
  • Allow Recruiters and Headhunters to contact you
  • Eliminate common errors in creating your profile

What You Will Receive From Us

  • A One-to-One Phone/Skype Consultation with an experienced headhunter, to find out more about you and how to translate your Personal brand into a compelling story.
  • A fully optimised & searchable profile that will make you stand out from the crowd, using exceptional writing talent, insider knowledge and top-tier headhunting experience.
  • You will receive your new profile as a Word document within 72 hours of our Consultation.

Fine-tuning: Call us or email any comments. Your new profile will be refined and the finished result will be tailored to you and your requirements. In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome, we will continue to tweak until you are completely satisfied.

All of this for a one-time fee of £89.99