Executive Search

Aruba Executive Search are specialist at providing Executive Search solutions to Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT) clients across the UK.

Why Our Clients Need to Recruit Executives?

Our clients are typically Technology, Media & Telecoms (TMT) companies OR Companies who, whilst maybe in a different sector, have technology at the core of their business/product/service.
Many of the Investors, Private Equity Firms, CEOs and Business Owners that we have worked with have faced a number of scenarios where they need to recruit a senior leader or executive for their business. Clients typically:
  • Are in a period of growth or in a fast moving business transformation and change program, where new executive skill or diversity of skill is required in the boardroom.
  • Have a senior leader or executive who is exiting their business unexpectedly and a potential lack of a succession plan leaves a key executive role vacant.
  • Are in an acquisitive state where specialist skills are required on an integration project.
  • Are needing to replace a key senior leader who is under performing and negatively affecting business operations.

Our Clients Senior & Executive Recruitment Challenges 

Clients face a plethora of problems when seeking to attract, recruit and retain Top Executive Leaders that will provide competitive advantage and deliver outstanding results for their businesses.
  1. They don’t have time to look for executive candidates particularly when they are in a period of growth and/or in a fast paced and demanding operating environment with little time to spare.
  2. They are not quite sure where to look that will allow them access to the ‘complete market’ of candidates in a timely, cost effective and efficient approach.
  3. They are not quite sure the best approach which will attract the right candidates and how to communicate their brand, their Employee Value Proposition and what they are about as a company.
  4. They are not quite sure how to structure a suitable package which will attract, recruit and more importantly retain the right candidate for the longer term, without causing an imbalance in their current pay structure.

Your Own Experience of Recruiting Senior & Executive Talent

  • Have you struggled to attract Top Leadership candidates with the curiosity, passion and drive to uncover opportunity, drive sales & limit wasted resources within your business?
  • Have you had problems finding the right leadership talent with the correct traits to fit your company culture?
  • Do you struggle to retain executives and find that their tenure with you is fairly short?
  • Have you felt disappointed with high fees and lacklustre results from other executive search firms/recruiters?

The Solution

Aruba Executive Search’s consultative approach helps clients develop & position themselves with a powerful Employer Brand & Proposition to attract High Impact Leadership Talent, backed by a 12 month guarantee using Aruba’s Retention Program. 
You may be suited to Aruba’s ‘Executive Precision Selection System’, which has a 100% delivery record & attracts the ‘passive’, out-of-reach and increasingly in-demand, top performing leaders, using strategies that don’t rely on the outdated traditional executive search approach and overused job board methods.