Deep Dive

Aruba’s ‘Deep Dive’ on your business phase allows us to comprehensively understand a client’s brand, values and strategy and develop and deliver a proposition which will successfully attract Top Executive Leaders.

We will look at how your business operates, it’s structure, it’s people, it’s business ambitions and will put together a robust search strategy which will identify and attract the right type of candidate where needs, wants and behaviours are matched to the business.

Not only do we match the skills and background required but we also ensure that the candidates we deliver have the right cultural fit for the executive role, the organisation and the team in which they will operate.

Aruba Executive Search’s consultative approach helps clients develop & position themselves with a powerful Employer Brand & Proposition to attract High Impact Leadership Talent, backed by a 12 month guarantee using Aruba’s Retention Program.

You may be suited to Aruba’s ‘Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention System’, which has a 100% delivery record & attracts the ‘passive’, out-of-reach and increasingly in-demand, top performing leaders, using strategies that don’t rely on the outdated traditional executive search approach and overused job board methods.