Final Candidate Qualification

Our screening is extensive and from our research activities, we typically start with a candidate map with 1000+ candidates. We quickly evaluate the candidates from extensive telephone interviews of many candidates. We then typically interview 10-15 candidates face-to-face to present a final shortlist of 5 candidates to the client for them to select from for interview.

We provide extensive interviewing notes, CV and assessment information, as outlined in the assignment brief, which will identify and uncover how we see a candidates abilities, motivations and behaviours successfully operate in the client’s business environment.

We will look at the full picture of a candidate and will seek reference checks to qualify and verify the candidate’s background and how they have performed in previous roles. We will look at how they are perceived by their peers and how this matches how the candidate has presented themselves throughout the recruitment process.

These research and evaluation activities allows us to present with confidence, our recommendations of final candidates to the client.