Executive Talent Retention Progam

Once Aruba has onboarded the successful candidate into the executive position, our process doesn’t end there.

One of the most important aspects of our Executive Search process is in the follow up after the successful candidate has started.

We follow up in the early stages after the appointment and regularly, all the way through to 12 months to ensure that the onboarding of the candidate has progressed successfully and that they have been embedded successfully into the client organisation.

It is important to us that the recruitment journey is as good as the client destination with clear information, regular touch points and a professional service throughout the recruitment process for both candidates and clients. This is one of the main reasons, many candidates return to us as clients and that we have clients returning to use our services multiple times.

We effectively and professionally represent our clients brands in the market and that is why we consistently attract the Top 15% of Executive Talent for our client opportunities.